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Aphrodite's Priestess
by Laurelei Black
Release Date – Beltaine 2009


Witches Key to the Legion

Too long ago, sexuality was stripped of its sacred nature, leaving men and women ashamed of their natural desire to enjoy one of the purest, most transformative sacraments ever known in religion. Aphrodite was, and IS, a Goddess of Love on every level, from the maternal and filial to the sexual. Her priestesses were the embodiments of this love, bringing Aphrodite’s grace, beauty, gentleness, and passion into the lives of the devotees who worshipped with them.

Laurelei Black, a contemporary priestess of Aphrodite, found a desperate lack of resources available to the women and men who are called to work with any of the Goddesses of Love from the Mediterranean or Middle Eastern precincts. Writing from her own experience and training, she makes this first guidepost available to those who would walk the Path of Love.

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