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The Witches' Key to the Legion
by Laurelei Black
Release Date – Samhain 2013


Witches Key to the Legion

The Lesser Key of Solomon the King, the Goetia, is one of the most widely read (and feared) books known to today's magical practitioners. It has come down to us from no later than the 17th Century, and previous printings have been translated, edited, and commented upon by some of the most illustrious Mages of the last two centuries.

THIS book is the first to address Witches in regard to the Legion, and it is unique in its admonition of the spirit torture that has been the hallmark of previous editions. On these pages, you will not find tedious conjurations designed to threaten and bully spirits into cooperation. Instead, you will find a reasonable, direct approach to working with the 72 spirits of the Legion.

Witches have a long and storied history of spirit conjuration, and (most of) the Legion awaits a familiar relationship with today's Witches and Mages.

The Witches' Key to the Legion includes several essays on working with these spirits, discussions of the creation of the Legion and their seals, a complete Demonic DO NOT CALL list, two quick reference tables to help you easily find a spirit with whom you have affinity, alternate sigils for most and illustrations of several of the spirits, and updated descriptions of all 72 spirits as provided by the spirits themselves.

If the spirits of Legion were to write a book about themselves, this would be it!

Written and Edited by Laurelei Black
Illustrated by Natalie Black and John Birkel

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