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The Mayhem: Roan's Story
by Meggie Tolkland


Witches Key to the Legion "If Corey gave in and they made love, she would lose to Roan in every way a woman could lose to a man, her dependence on him complete."

Ordinarily, voluptuous professor Corey Reyman wouldn't mind learning she's fated to marry a sexy, hyperromantic genius. Problem is, that guy is Roan Wynne, and he's the worst kind of Groomzilla, a schizophrenic demon whose idea of sex involves stealing her soul. How can one woman rebel against All The Forces of Darkness to change their destiny?

Roan's Story is a dark and delicious urban fantasy. Devilish passion, power struggles, and romance that sweeps through the multi-verse find their epicenter in Chicago as a Midwestern college professor finds herself bound to the Mayhem demon, Roan.
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