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About Cunning Folk Faire

We are Witches who love festivals. We love camping in the woods with other like-minded folks, and we adore a good bonfire. There are lots of Pagan festivals throughout the Midwest that we frequent with joyful abandon... however! Few and far between are the events devoted to the Craft we hold so dear.

So, be you a Traditional Witch, a Solitary Practitioner, an Initiated and Lineaged Wiccan, or just a good old fashioned Hedge-Rider, we welcome you to a Lammas festival designed with you in mind.

This is a Midian Event, organized by Laurelei Black, Sara Grey, and Tesi Tsones.


Q): Who is this festival for?
A): YOU -- if you consider yourself a Witch, Wiccan, or Cunning Wo/Man. Whether you are Traditional or Eclectic, American- or British-based, a fan of Robin Artisson or Silver Ravenwolf, this festival is for you and your coven. The Cunning Folk Faire is a safe space for US to share our Craft, learn, and celebrate.

Q): What type of workshops/rituals are you hoping to have?
A): The following is not an exhaustive list, by any stretch. Use your imagination and your knowledge! Topics *could* include: an exploration of a specific Witchcraft Tradition/lineage, seidhr, honoring or working with a specific deity, the Mighty Dead, the Fey/Sidhe, fetch, familiars, traditional oils/dirts, herbal lore, games, sacred texts and tales, animal and tree lore, shamanic practices, magical practices, cosmology/world view, sacred spaces, history/archaeology, sacred journey/ordeals, symbols, initiatory practices, divination, invocation/possession, oracular practices, tool construction/lore, hisorical figures of the Craft. energy raising, , and on and on.


Q): What should I bring to this festival?
A) Other than an open mind, and a magical spirit, we reccommend you bring supplies for a weekend of primitive camping, including a tent, a sleeping bag, sunscreen, spare clothes, a camp chair (for workshop seating), drinking water, and snacks (a food vendor is available on-site for most of the festival). We have created a suggested festival packing list available for download here.

Q): Should I bring special clothing, instruments, or tools?
A) Bring those things that will help you feel at home. If you wish to bring ritual regalia, reenactment-style garb, ritual robes, tools, or other items, please do. Bladed weapons are welcome, but they must be peace-tied when they aren't being actively used in a ritual or demonstration.

Q): What amenites do the festival grounds have?
A:) Midian Festivals and Events, our venue, is a new facility as of 2014; but by the time of our event, it will already boast a sheltered workshop pavilion, hot/cold showers, limited electricity, a sheltered stage, fresh drinking water, a swimming creek (no skinny-dipping), porta-lets, ice, firewood, firepits, & hiking trails. Midian has also pledged to use 100% of the fees they receive from us to further update facilities in the coming year.

Q): What should I not bring to the festival?
A): Firearms, drugs, pets. The standard stuff is prohibited. Use common sense about those things that may be disruptive or dangerous. If it is illegal outside of festival, it isn't allowed here, either. If you think something might be questionable, just ask.

Q): What does it cost to attend the festival?
A): The cost of attendance to the festival is $50 for adults, Children 13 and under are free. Work Barter positions are also available for those 14 and older.

Q): Where do festival profits go?
A): All proceeds from the festival go to support future Cunning Folk Faires and development of Midian festival and event grounds.

Q): Is there an online forum or discussion group for the festival?
A): Yes. It is an open facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CunningFolkFaire/

Q): Why do children 14 and up pay adult rates to the event?
A): It is our experience that teens of about 14 and older tend to use the event grounds, attend workshops and rituals, and generally participate in the festival in a manner very like adults. (If cost is a concern, though, certain Work Barter positions are available to minors 14-18.)

Q:) Can I reduce my registration cost by working, presenting, or performing?
A:) As a matter of fact, you CAN! We have several Work Barter positions available for both adults and teens -- including positions in Set-Up/Tear-Down, Registration/Gate, Maintenance, Kitchen, Security, First Aid, Firetending, Kinder-Kreis (Kids' Circle), and Administration. Our Work Barter arrangement is $20 (to help cover porta-johns and land usage) and two work shifts (of about 2-4 hours each). We can also negotiate a full-barter for additional workshifts, if needed.

Presenters/Performers can also have part/all of the registration bartered. The amount of the discount depends on the number/length of presentations. Generally, our presentations are scheduled in 1.5 hour slots, each worth a $20 discount for a single presenter. Performance discounts vary based on the type of performance. Contact us as sidhefest@asteriabooks.com to submit your performance or presentation proposal.

Q): Can I order a porta-john for my self/family/group?
A): Indeed! Though we plan on having plenty of clean potties onsite, we understand that some folks would like a little more privacy and control. One private porta-john will cost $100 and must be arranged no later than two weeks prior to the festival. You'll need to bring your own lock (and key!) to secure it.

Q): What does it cost to vend at the festival?
A): Nothing! Vending is free to all attendees. You'll need to provide your own vending space (booth, awning, displays, signs, etc). You can choose to be in our Vendor's Village, or you can vend from your own campsite. The choice is yours!

Q): Can I arrive early or stay late?
A): Yes! Our festival is packed with events on all three days. To make sure that you don't miss a moment, we've added the Thursday before and the Monday after the festival as free complimentary camping days. Although no official Cunning Folk workshops, rituals, or events are scheduled on these days, you or your group are welcome to come out early to set up on Thursday, and to stay as late as you want on Monday to recover from the festival. These set-up and tear-down days are completely free and are included in the cost of your admission.

Q): Are refunds given if I pre-register but can't attend?
A): No, there are no refunds given for the festival at this time for any reason. If you pre-register and find that you cannot attend, you will be offered a free admission to next year's festival. Your complimentary admission is good for only one year, and you must have proof of registration from the previous year. (We keep records, too; but your receipt will help make sure nothing slips through the cracks.)

Q): Do you give refunds for porta-johns if I can't attend?
A): We should be able to cancel your potty and refund those charges if you contact us with at least two weeks' notice. If we don't receive (and confirm) your potty cancellation in time to notify our service provider, though, we'll have to let the charges stand. Your porta-pot will have been delivered, which is a cost we can't absorb.

Q): What other festival rules are there?
A): We reserve the right to reject and/or revoke registration to any participant at our sole discretion. (This is for our protection, as well as our guests'. We want this weekend to be pleasant, meaningful, and safe.)

Q:) Is photography permitted?
A:) Photography and filming are permitted only if prior permission is requested of anyone whose photo you may be taking. This includes individuals in the background area of your shot. Failure to comply with these rules will cause security staff to enforce destruction of all film or digital files on your camera device, and may result in removal from the festival. That said, we do encourage photography at this festival.

Q): Is the festival clothing optional?
A): Sort of. We allow above-the-waist nudity is permitted for all adult attendees. Children (17 and under) must not be nude, per local laws and social norms. Also, we do reccommend that you plan your clothing, with the weather in mind! The festival may become hot, wet, or chilly -- all in one brief weekend. (It IS Indiana, after all.)

Q.): Can I breastfeed at the festival?
A.): Absolutely! Caring for your children (in all the ways you do) is both applauded and encouraged.




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