Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010

Women's Goddess Retreat
August 28, 2021

(one day only in 2021 -- no camping)

Now in our THIRTEENTH year!

Bedford, IN

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Why a Women's Retreat?

Because women tend to nurture relationships more than they nurture themselves, it is often a challenge for women to carve out the space and time they need for private renewal and reflection. We believe that women feel and hear the gentle call to retreat and reflect as the voice of the Goddess. At the Women's Goddess Retreat we come together as sisters, mothers, daughters, lovers, friends, and women to celebrate this call, to honor her place within us and our place within the world.

"All women go through periods in their lives when numerous demands are placed on them —family, work, spouse, ex-spouse, children, stepchildren, parents. It is important, indeed necessary, to step back and re-evaluate one's priorities, to reflect on one's mission in life. For it is only in nurturing one's soul that one can nurture, take care of another. Sometimes, one must say, "Stop! Listen to me. I have a story to tell."

~ Mary Michalia, Chicken Soup For The Woman's Soul

Who Is This Retreat For?

The Women's Goddess Retreat was created for all women who want to pause and honor the Goddess in their lives and in themselves. This retreat is open to anyone who lives their daily life as a woman. Both women-born-women and transgender women are welcome at this retreat.

This retreat is open to our daughters at the discretion of their mothers. We recommend young women be at the age of menarche and are deemed by their mother to be mature enough to handle themes of women's sexuality, trauma, healing, and aging. Special rates are available to young women age 18 and under.

In honor of our beloved crones a special discounted admission rate is available to all women age 60 and older.

Space is LIMITED to only 50 participants, so please register early!

You must pre-register for this year's retreat.

You can learn more about Goddess spirituality and the Goddess movement at this Wikipedia article .

[Download a .pdf flyer and spread the word!]

What should I bring on this retreat?

We ask that all of our guests bring their own food, and enough personal supplies to be self sufficient. All participants in workshops are welcome to bring snacks and drinks along.

Please bring a tent or shelter and comfortable bedding. Midian is a  primitive campsite with a hot water shower house and running drinking water. Some campsites have access to electricity. These sites will be available on a first-come first-served basis. A suggested packing list for the retreat is available here .

Bring along things that will help to nurture you during your retreat! Favorite foods, music, instruments, art supplies, and clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and special are encouraged. You may also choose to bring some items to contribute to our annual Goddess Shrine. All of your items donated to the shrine will be returned to you at the end of the retreat.

Vending is completely free with admission to the retreat. We encourage you to bring your wares to share for sell or barter. The retreat intends to support women's businesses and dreams. We can do this by sharing our gifts and prosperity with each other!

A Note to Breastfeeding Mothers
Our retreat welcomes you and your child with open arms. If you are not breast feeding we recommend that women leave their younger kids at home because sometimes we discuss mature topics, such as women's sexuality, childbirth, menopause, death and other subjects. If you are a new mother please let us know if you would like to participate in a special Mother's Blessing with your infant.

Midian isn't quite set up for pet camping yet, but it will be soon. If you need to bring a service animal with you, please know that you may do so. Otherwise, please leave your animals at home for now. They will be safer there.

This year we will once again be able to provide journals to our 2016 retreat participants!

Check out Midian's website for a full list of amenities.

Finally, please bring an open mind, a sisterly heart, and a playful spirit!



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