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September 10 - 12, 2010



Grandmother Spider

The Lessons of the Ancestors, & Weaving Energy

The Spider Grandmother is creator of the world in Native American religions and myths such as that of the Pueblo and Navajo/Dineh peoples. She was responsible for the stars in the sky. She took a web she had spun, and laced it with dew. She then threw it into the sky, and the dew became the stars.

G. M. Mullett has also written a book documenting the oral legends of the Spider Woman specific to the Hopi Indians. In these narratives, Spider Woman is also known as the Earth Goddess.

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The Grandmothers were and are a very important part of the Lakota culture. The wise Grandmothers are the teachers who remind us of the past, and show how it is the guide into the future. They teach us of their wisdom, and then guide us to the Grandfathers to complete the teachings. They are the watchers of children for they know that information must be passed on, for someday these children will be the keepers of the earth. Some say the old ways are gone, but through time the old ways have shown that there is only one way of life. In the ways of our culture we stand by Honor, Integrity, Respect and Love for all people.

We are on a pathway that was foretold by the Grandfathers. The old ones know that it will never be like the time of their elders, but a time of new awakening of the old ways. The Grandmothers know that time is short and their work will be hard for they are the last to be close to the ancestors of the ones that lived the ways of old. Their Grandfathers and Grandmothers experienced the great buffalo herds and the grandness of nature as it was meant to be. In that time you took what the people needed for every day life, cared for mother earth, and thanked her for the abundance.

By LadyHawke



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