Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010

The Goddesses of Our Retreat

This retreat was designed to honor different Goddesses from various world cultures each year. Throughout the course of the retreat each of the Goddesses will be invoked by all participants for two hours each. During that time we will share stories of that Goddess, perform group activities in honor of Her, and look to Her stories and our inner wisdom for Her lessons in our own lives. At the end of each two hour session we will release that Goddess's energy, and have time for quiet reflection.

Who Are the Goddesses for 2017?

These Goddesses will each be invoked, honored, and discussed during our retreat, along with the lessons that they have to share for our lives. 

Opening the Circle
Facilitated by: WGR Team

The Queens of Heaven
The Lessons of Honey & Gold
Facilitated by: Laurelei

Queening (Rite of Passage)
Facilitated by: WGR Queen Rite Krewe

The Lessons of  Closing Your Eyes & Trusting Your Inner Voice
Facilitated by: Gwenhwyvar

The Lessons of Deep Listening & Shared Wisdom
Facilitated by: Natalie

Santa Muerte
The Lesson of Letting Go
Facilitated by: Laurelei

The Lesson of Personal Apocalypse
Facilitated by:  Laurelei

Sekhmet & Hathor
The Lesson of the Dance of Transformation
Facilitated by: Raven

The Great Goddess
The Lesson of the Ultimate Boon
Facilitated by: WGR Team

Closing the Circle
Facilitated by:  WGR Team 

Index of Goddesses we have worked with on past retreats


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