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In Norse mythology, Saga, possibly meaning "seeress", is a goddess associated with a riverbank.

19th century scholar Jacob Grimm comments that "the gods share their power and influence with goddesses, the heroes and priests with wise women." Grimm notes that Odin and Sága "day to day drink gladly out of golden cups." Grimm theorizes that the liquid from these cups is:

"the drink of immortality, and at the same time of poesy. Saga may be taken as wife or as daughter of Odin; in either case she is identical to him as god of poetry. With the Greeks the Musa was a daughter of Zeus, but often hear of three or nine Muses, who resemble our wise women, norns and schöpferins (shapers of destiny), and dwell beside springs or wells. The cool flood well befits the swanwives, daughters of Wish. Saga can be no other than our sage (saw, tale), the 'mære' [...] personified and deified."

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