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In Inuit mythology, Sedna is a deity and goddess of the marine animals, especially mammals such as seals. She lives in and rules over Adlivun, the Inuit underworld.

According to one myth, Sedna, similar to a mermaid, was the daughter of the creator-god Anguta. She is said to have been so huge and hungry that she ate everything in her parents' home, and even gnawed off one of her father's arms as he slept. According to some versions of the myth, she took a dog for her husband.

Anguta was so angry that he threw her over the side of his kayak. She clung to its sides, whereupon he chopped her fingers off one by one until she let go. She sank to the underworld, becoming the ruler of the monsters of the deep, and her huge fingers became the seals, walrus and whales hunted by the Inuit.

Another version of the myth says that she finds none of the men shown to her by her father good enough, and so she marries a dog. Her father is so angry at this that he throws her into the sea, and when she tries to climb back into the boat he cuts her fingers off. Her fingers become the first seals and she becomes a mighty sea goddess. When angered, she locks up all the sea-creatures and so people die. If that happens, it is held that someone must go to her house and wash her, whereupon she lets the animals go again.

Other tales assert that Sedna was a beautiful maiden who wouldn't marry any hunters who came by. She and her father had no food. One day a hunter came and said he was looking for a wife. If he could have Sedna he would give her father fish. Sedna's father agreed and he gave the hunter who was really a birdman his daughter and in return the birdman gave Sedna's father fish that were rotten. Sedna's father put Sedna to sleep using a sleeping potion before the Birdman took Sedna. The birdman took Sedna to a big nest on a cliff. When she woke up she found birds everywhere looking at her. Her father had an instinct telling him to go take his daughter back. When her father tried to rescue her, the spirit became angry and caused a terrible storm which threatened the very survival of her people. In desperation, Sedna's father threw her into the raging sea. She tried to hold on to the boat but her hands got so cold her fingers fell off one by one and became sea creatures. She fell to the bottom of the sea and grew a fish tail.

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