Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010


What is the Intent of This Retreat?

Most retreats center around a statement of intent such as "On this retreat I plan to work on healing my grief", or "On this retreat I will uncover the next phase of my creative expresson." This retreat was created with multiple intentions, both large and small.

At its core our retreat intends to:

provide a safe, nurturing place for women to develop themselves individually, and as a group, through new skills, and the sharing of information,


to learn about, invoke, and honor Goddesses and Goddess spirituality from a particular pantheon. The Norse Goddesses are our 2014 theme.

The Structure of This Retreat

This retreat was designed to honor different Goddesses from various world cultures each year. Throughout the course of the retreat each of the selected Goddesses for this year will be invoked by all participants for two hours each. During that time we will share stories of that Goddess, perform group activities in honor of Her, and look to Her stories and our inner wisdom for Her lessons in our own lives. At the end of each two hour session we will release that Goddess's energy, and have time for quiet reflection.

Trusting the Process

Retreats can deal with difficult subjects, and can be challenging to the participants. If you have attended outdoor festivals before, you will find this retreat will be different from past events. Retreat participants are encouraged to be present at all retreat events from Friday to Sunday, not including campsite set-up and tear-down.

During the retreat you may be tempted to skip some of the scheduled group events. Ask yourself sincerely what you need at that moment, and then take whatever time you need to rest, reflect, and reconnect with yourself. Your journey is your own personal private path to renewal and you know what your spirit needs most. We ask only that you trust in the alchemical magick and process of the retreat, which is both challenging and rewarding.

Goddess Lotus



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