Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010


The Women's Goddess Retreat was created for all women who want to pause and honor the Goddess in their lives and in themselves. This retreat is open to anyone who lives their daily life as a woman. (We feel like we shouldn't have to specify that our trans sisters are welcome, because trans women are women. But here we are, making it abundantly clear.)

This retreat is open to our daughters at the discretion of their mothers. We recommend young women be at the age of menarche and are deemed by their mother to be mature enough to handle themes of women's sexuality, trauma, healing, and aging. We do not edit or amend the scope of our discussions for "young ears," so we ask that mothers be sensitive to their daughters' readiness to participate in the Circle of Women. Special rates are available to young women age 17 and under.

In honor of our beloved crones, a special discounted admission rate is available to all women age 55 and older.

Registration is NOT LIMITED to a max number of participants in 2021.
You must still pre-register for this retreat.

  • $25.00 registration all ages before August 21
  • $15.00 maiden [17 & under]
  • $15.00 crone [55 & over]

Facilitators and Event Personnel receive discounted admission, but we are unable to entirely waive the fees for this event due to the high materials costs. 

  • $15.00  facilitators & personnel before August 10

WGR 2021 Registration

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Refund Policy

We are generally unable to refund any registration fees, but we are happy to apply them to the following year's retreat if you find you are unable to attend. 


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