Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010


Women's Rites and Rituals

The women of this retreat are more than friends. We are a family of sisters, mothers, lovers, maidens, teachers, grandmothers, healers, queens, and crones. We have banded together to create sacred space for our rites of passage, our rituals, and the sharing of the Women's Mysteries from generation to generation.

We offer rite of passage ceremonies at many events throughout the calendar year, and especially at the annual Women's Goddess Retreat. These ceremonies can be planned in advance by request and are open to all women who seek the mysteries of women's cycles and the spirit of the Goddess.

There are many ways that we express the celebration of the Women's Mysteries, initiation, and change. From all-woman sweat lodge ceremonies, to rebirthing rituals, the WGR community of women offer a wide variety of experience and expertise to highlight your own journey, or that of a beloved sister-friend.

Listed below is a sampling of the kinds of rites and rituals we can help facilitate. Please contact us with your intention.

Menarche Welcoming

Womaning Ceremony

Pregnancy Blessing

Motherhood Blessing

Queening Ceremony

Croning Ceremony

Women's Rites of Passage



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