Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010



The Mother in Full Bloom

Preganant Goddess Symbol

Life grows within you, woman. Your stomach swells with potential, with abundance. You are ripe, you are a Goddess. You can sense the deep link within you to eternity. You can sense your umbilical cord stretching back, far past your grandmother, into pre-history and forward forever and forever into future generations.

It is right and good to celebrate this time. You may have baby showers, yes. You may hear birth stories from older mothers, women who have bravely been to the birthing bed before you. Prehaps you have been there before as well.

Wouldn't you love to honor the spiritual component of this special time? Do you long to hear your sisters sing to you and your growing child, to bless your womb with life, light, and love, to honor the transition you are making into motherhood? Come into the circle, woman, and listen to the song we have to sing for you and your child.

You are the Earth Mother
Your breasts are full
and abundant in rich milk

You are the Earth Mother
your belly is soft and yielding
a cushion for a childs head

You are the Earth Mother
your arms and shoulders
strong from carrying the burdens

you are the Earth Mother
your hips are wide
Fat with giving

You are the Earth Mother
your thighs are meaty
and can hold you proud

you are the Earth Mother
Giver of life
Bringing forth miracles from thy womb

you are the Earth Mother
Look into the mirror
and see why the children adore you

You are the Earth Mother
You are She
and I am Me

Bare thy breasts proudly
to the moon
Oh wonderful woman!

by: Mandie

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