Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010



Claiming Your Crown
Growing Beyond Motherhood

Queen's Crown

You are suddenly have hot flashes. The kids have left home (or maybe they've just returned!). You're re-evaluating your whole life... and you are absolutely certain that you are not ready to be a crone. Congratulations! You've just become a Queen!

As women are living longer a new face of the "Triple" Goddess has emerged. The average woman's lifespan is now 80.8 years in the United States. That means that even if 20 years time is devoted to each phase of a woman's Maiden-Mother-Crone cycle, there is still an extra 20 years after the motherhood cycle is "over" before cronehood begins. These are the Queen years, the time when a woman comes into her own power and is in control of her own life.

Think about it. You are not responsible for your children anymore. You are not responsible for anyone but yourself. You are the Queen of your own life, and, honey, you deserve a crown!

In our opinion you are now in transition between the phase of the Mother and that of the Wise Woman. Maybe you haven’t stopped bleeding, but your body has begun to make the shift that way. Prehaps you are also feeling a transition in your life emotionally or intellectually or spiritually, too—not just physically. You may be pausing, looking back on your life, reevaluating what you want out of your life and making plans for your future. But transition times can be confusing, chaotic and scary.

Our culture’s view of menopause is pretty negative, but in ancient, female-honoring cultures, menopause was considered sacred, along with the other blood mysteries of women—childbirth and menstruation. In fact, the word “blessing” comes from an old English word meaning “bleeding.” Since women could miraculously bleed and not die, menstrual blood was connected with longevity and immortality, healing, and fertility.

So, let's have a ritual to help initate you into this new phase of being. Become the mistress of the hive, taste the honey-sweetness of sovreignty. Let us crown you as the Queen you are.

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