Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010
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Q): What type of workshops/rituals are you hoping to have?
A): The following is not an exhaustive list, by any stretch. Use your imagination and your knowledge! Topics *could* include: mead-making, runes, ogham, seidhr, honoring or working with a specific celtic or Norse deity, the Mighty Dead, the Fey/Sidhe, Norse and Celtic games, bardic studies/performances, Avalon, Blot/Faining, Sombul, blacksmithing, weaving/spinning, sacred texts and tales, animal and tree lore, traditional music/dance/art/crafts, shamanic practices, magical practices, cosmology/world view, sacred spaces, history/archaeology, warriors, martial techniques, spaecraft and enchanters, sacred journey/ordeals, symbols, monuments, and on and on.


Vending is free with admission!

Laurelei walks in many worlds -- the islands of Aphrodite, the hedges of the Traditional Witch, and the misty paths of Avalon (to name a few). She is the author of several books and is the proud co-proprietress of Asteria Books and Events.

Laurelei Black - www.laureleiblack.com
Asteria Books - www.asteriabooks.com

Marcus Earendel

Born of a Son of the Sands and Mania's daughter. I've been hung, stabbed, buried alive, a gift for the Hounds of Anwyn. I've heard the call of the Dragon and been proclaimed his Herald. I've born witness to monsters and miracles. I know how to cut, carve, color, and read.No lock can keep me from what I seek. I am a Lightbearer and I am gloriously me.

Fern is a dedicated Midian staff member, a Heathen, a homesteader, and possibly a hobbit. She, too, has a love of things that grow. Find her in the Midian kitchen, carrying water at the Fire Circle, crafting something amazing with the Kidians, planting a new herb or plant on the land, or sharing some of her knowledge and wisdom. She never holds back the best of herself from her community. (Now, let's see how long it takes her to realize I wrote such glowing things about her.)

Freyas Barn is a staff member here at Midian, Norse Track Organizer for S.I.D.H.E , Freyas Barn has been studying Norse Lore and paths of Heathenry Collectively for over 19 years. She is the Gythia of Fólkvangr Kindred, where she educates, grows and continuously learns.


Sara Grey is an explorer. She treads the path between the worlds always seeking new knowledge. Sara is a Priestess of Lilith and includes many spiritual practices including Thelema and Traditional Witchcraft. She is a professional psychic, writer, presenter, and spiritual consultant within the community.

Black Bear Grove

 The Black Bear Grove, ADF is in it’s 15th year and has put on over 100 public high day rituals on the public lands in and around Bloomington, Indiana. We are a small, committed, lay-led community with our own quirky style. Our priorities are to put on excellent, impactful rituals and to be a welcoming, safe space to newcomers, regular visitors, and full members alike. If you’re not sure if our rituals are the right place for you, just show up! It will become clear to you pretty quickly whether our unique combination of comfortable reverence and irreverence is a good fit.  Visit blackbeargrove.org and click calendar to find out all the details of when and where our next meeting or ritual is!  Or visit us on facebook.com/blackbeargrove.

Johnny has been working on his Bardom for a few years, and has brought his talents to share with us at Midian. 




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