Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010
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Schedule of Events

This 2018 schedule is tentative and subject to change. Interested in presenting at this event? Click here to submit a presentation proposal.

Friday, July 13    
1-2:30pm RITUAL: Rite of Hospitality (Midian's 13 Noble Virtues) -- Main Pavilion SIDHE TEAM
3-4:30pm Intro to Runes -- Main Pavilion
Marcus Earendel
3-4:30pm Sacred Herbs of the Celts -- Aphrodite Grove Laurelei Black
5-6pm Heathen not Hatin' -- Breaking the Stigma of Labels -- Main Pavilion Freyas Barn
5-6pm Celtic Cosmology -- Briefly Looking at a Complicated Worldview -- Aphrodite Grove
Laurelei Black
7-8pm GAMES - HNEFETAFL -- Main Pavilion SIDHE TEAM
8-9pm Loki -- Playing with Fire -- Main Pavilion
Marcus Earendel
8-9pm Visit with the Ancestors -- Ancestor Shrine Sara Grey
9pm BONFIRE BEGINS -- Main Fire
9-10pm Bardic Singing -- Main Fire
Johnny Angel
Saturday, July 14    
8am Seiğr Work and Meditation -- Ancestor Shrine Freyas Barn
10am - Noon  Children's Activities (TBA) -- Main Pavilion Fern
1-2:30pm  Loki-Freya-Idunna-Hel-Frigga Discussion -- Bardic Circle Freyas Barn
1-2:30pm Sacred Landscape -- Aphrodite Grove
Laurelei Black
3-4:30pm Advanced Rune Lore -- Main Pavilion Marcus Earendel
3-4:30pm ADF Ritual -- Bardic Circle Black Bear Grove, ADF
5-6pm Runic Coding -- Chaos Grove
Marcus Earendel
5-6pm Celtic Cauldron -- Aphrodite Grove Sara Grey
8-9pm Fylgja, Ancestor Blot, Parade of the Dead -- Ancestor Shrine to Main Fire Freyas Barn
11pm Sumbel Ritual -- Main Fire SIDHE COMMUNITY
Sunday, July 15    
10am-noon Rune Crafting -- Main Pavilion
Marcus Earendel
10am-noonOgham Crafting -- Laurelei BlackLaurelei Black
noon Farewell Blessing Ritual -- Main Pavilion SIDHE TEAM




Rite of Hospitality
Join us at the beginning of the weekend's festivities for a simple ritual of hospitality. Be welcomed and received as honored guests. Stay for an open discussion of Midian's 13 Noble Virtues.

Intro to Runes with Marcus Earendel

For those exploring the runes for the first time. Learn the order, the meaning, and how to do a rune casting. Examples of other runic alphabets will also be covered.

Sacred Herbs of the Celts with Laurelei Black

Join Laurelei (a Certified Master Herbalist) in an exploration of the herbs most revered by the Celts. We'll discuss the idea of the "7 Sacred Herbs" that are referenced in myth and lore, as well as which ones probably made the list. We'll go a step further by talking about their medicinal and spiritual applications today.

Heathen not Hatin': Breaking the Stigma of Labels with Freyas Barn

The Folkish- Tribalism and The Universalist. Where and when the labels came into play in History.  Why there was existence, why there no longer needs to be, the respects given to the three and The Breakdown of what they really mean and moving forward and away. 

Celtic Cosmology: A Brief Look at a Complicated Worldview with Laurelei Black

Many people are familiar with the Celtic three realms, the triple Goddesses, and the triads of wisdom and advice. This discussion will move us deeper into the complexities of Celtic cosmology. Move us beyond the threes -- into the fives and sevens! We'll look at the ways that the names and faces of the Gods are not so unlike the knotwork we see represented in the Book of Kells. Complicated, non-linear, and all still unified.


This board game was loved throughout the Celtic and Norse lands. The name means "king's table." Come learn to play. Simple boards and pieces will be provided. Or bring your own! (Instructions will also be given.)

Loki: Playing with Fire with Marcus Earendel

more info coming soon

Visit with the Ancestors with Sara Grey

Join Sara Grey in a guided meditation to visit with your ancestors.

Bardic Singing with Johnny Angel

In medieval Gaelic and British culture, a bard was a professional story teller, verse-maker and music composer, employed by a patron (such as a monarch or noble), to commemorate one or more of the patron's ancestors and to praise the patron's own activities. Johnny has been working on his Bardom for a few years, and has brought his talents to share with us at Midian.


Seidr Work and Meditation with Freyas Barn
more info coming soon

Children's Activites with Fern
more info coming soon

Loki-Freya-Idunna-Hel-Frigga Disussion with Freyas Barn
UPG- Traditional Heavy. Loki as the Shadow Self of Odin. The embodiment of Freyja and Frigga. Which leaves Idunna and Hel.

Sacred Landscape with Laurelei Black
The Ancient Celts saw the land and its features as inherently sacred and drew close connections with the special features of the land on which they lived. Sacred wells, springs, rivers, lakes, groves, caves, hills, meadows, etc are all common in the lore, as well as in current practice. God and Goddess names are often derived from place names (or vice versa). We'll explore the symbolism and power of the landscape in general, and then move into a discussion of sacred landscape that is Midian.

Advanced Rune Lore with Marcus Earendel
For a more advanced look into the runic mysteries. We'll also explore deeper rune meanings, bindrunes, rune origins, history and more.

ADF Druid Ritual

In our fourth  year presenting an ADF ritual at SIDHE, we will continue the work of healing the earth, our communities, and ourselves, allowing bears and other wildlife and people to coexist with each other in harmony as their full and whole selves.

Runic Coding with Marcus Earendel
Here we'll explore the hidden depths of rune code. From Ise runes to runic numerology. We'll also look at historical examples of rune code.

Celtic Cauldron with Sara Grey
Join Sara Grey in an exploration of the cauldron in Celtic mythology and seek it's mysteries within.

Feast of the Gods
Our annual community meal is a pitch-in feast that honors the land, the Ancestors, and the Gods.Bring something to share. Monetary donations are also welcome to shore up any defecits in case folks forgot (or in the event that ou just don't want to make something) You can use the PayPal button on the registration page to contribute money.

If you have food allergies, be sure to bring something you know is safe for you. If you bring something that needs to be warm, please bring a hot plate, crock pot, or other warming tray. (We have electricity!) We also encourage bringing a washable plate, cup, bowl, and utensils to cut down on paper waste. We’ll have washing stations set up. (We'll also have some of the disposable type on hand, so don't worry about pitching those in. Bring your favorite foods/drinks to share or send money in advance and let us take care of it!)

Our Ancestors loved tests of wit and riddles. The lore for both our great cultures is filled with bards, storytellers, and evens Gods challenging the unwary to games of riddles. Bring riddle of your own to share, if you like. 

Fylgja, Ancestor Blot, Parade of the Dead with Freyas Barn
Blot will take place at the Ancestor Shrine. This is a Blot for the Victories that have come to us over the year. We will be honoring them all and giving offerings at this time. This Mixed Blot will call up our Fylgja, Ancestors, Land wights and Gods.  Like the traditions of Samhain, the ancestors would dress as sprits or Land wights  parading around the village calling their Fylgja,  Ancestors and Land Wights from the Blot to join us in a night of festivities. The Feast will only be the beginning moving on to Games out of celebration. After Feast and games we will go to Ancestor Shine for Blot and Parade to the Main Fire. ***a fylgja is a spirit who accompanies a person in connection to their fate, often thought to be the spirit of an ancestor.

At Saturday night's fire, enjoy a (sometimes rowdy, sometimes reverant) round of mead-poured toasts. At a sumbel toasts are drunk to the community, Gods, and the Mighty Dead. Rather than a toast, a person might also offer a boast or some story, song, or poem that has significance. At the end of the toast/story/etc, the person offering it drinks from the horn, and in doing so “drinks in” what he spoke. (We will have two drinking horns -- one with mead and the other with a non-alcoholic drink for those under 21 or wishing to abstain for other reasons.) 



Rune Crafting with Marcus Earendel
A hands on look into historical and modern rune crafting. Cut, color, carved here you’ll learn it all.

Ogham Crafting with Laurelei Black
Learn a bit about the lore and history of this Celtic tree divination system while making your own simple practice set. Materials and handouts will be provided. If there is enough time, participants will be given the opportunity to do their first Ogham readings for each other (if they choose).

Rite of Leave-Taking
Before we part paths, join us as we share blessings with each other for the journey home (and beyond).










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