Women's Goddess Retreat
September 10 - 12, 2010
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This 2017 schedule is tentative and subject to change. Interested in presenting at this event? Click here to submit a presentation proposal.

Friday, July 14    
1-2:30pm RITUAL: Rite of Hospitality (Midian's 13 Noble Virtues) -- Main Pavilion SIDHE TEAM
3-4:30pm Offering: Ancestors and Gods -- Ancestor Shrine
3-4:30pm Connecting with the Land Spirits -- Main Pavilion
Adam Davis
5-6pm Discussions & Readings of the Havamal & Prose Eddas -- Bardic Circle Fern
5-6pm Blood of My Blood -- Main Pavilion
Rev. Bill Duvendack
7-8pm Intro to Leather Working -- Main Pavilion Torcyr
8-9pm Godpole Ritual -- location TBA
8-9pm Nemeton: Whispers from the Sacred Grove -- Bardic Circle Laurelei Black
9-10pm Bardic Singing -- Main Pavilion
Johnny Angel
Saturday, July 15    
10am - Noon  Children's Activities (TBA) -- Main Pavilion Fern
1-2:30pm  Laeknishond -- Main Pavilion Rev. Bill Duvendack
1-2:30pm Alchemical Journey Through the Landscape -- Bardic Circle Adam Davis
3-4:30pm Join Steve Sears: TAC Ambassador and His Team -- Main Pavilion Steve - The Asatru Community
3-4:30pm ADF Ritual -- Bardic Circle Black Bear Grove, ADF
5-6pm Rune Class -- Bardic Circle
Marcus Earendel
5-6pm Three Drops of Wisdom -- Main Pavilion Laurelei 
7-8pm  Playing with Fire: The Necessity of Loki in Modern Norse Worship Marcus Earendel 
8-10pm Elemental Drumming (workshop & ritual) -- Main Pavilion/Fire Adam Riviere
11pm Sumbel Ritual -- Main Fire SIDHE COMMUNITY
Sunday, July 16    
10am-noon Building Fairy Houses -- begins at Main Pavilion  Freyasbarn & Fern
noon Farewell Blessing Ritual -- Main Pavilion SIDHE TEAM




Rite of Hospitality
Join us at the beginning of the weekend's festivities for a simple ritual of hospitality. Be welcomed and received as honored guests. Stay for an open discussion of Midian's 13 Noble Virtues.

Offerings: Ancestors and Gods 
Please Bring a Chair
A Gift for a Gift? A Gift for Thanks? I Gift for celebration? A Gift for Honour? A Gift of thought?
Heathens now and Heathens then Knew and understood the value of a Gift was not materialistic means. Here we will Explore the meanings of Gifts and offerings for occasions and spiritual growth not just with our gods, but in our realationships, honour and blessings.

Connecting with the Nature Spirits
You are invited to join us in exploring a variety of ways to deepen relationships with nature through physical, ritual, and meditation techniques. We will discuss the possibilities and potential benefits of enhanced nature connections, such as a deeper wisdom for working respectfully with the natural world in daily life and relationships with nature allies that contribute to health and wellbeing. We will explore numerous techniques for interacting with the land spirits and connecting with the magic of the sacred Midian landscape.

Havamal & Prose Eddas Discussion and Reading
Come join us as we read and discuss the Havamal and the Prose Eddas. We will be reading our favorite parts, bits that we want others to review again and dicuss why they are so important to us.

Blood of My Blood
Working with ancestors is one of the most powerful perspectives and techniques that are available to will workers in general, but especially when it comes to the Heathen path, for the blood is the life. How do we do this though, and what should we expect to come from this? In this class we will look at who the ancestors actually are, how to look at this work, and what to expect when it comes to results. Special emphasis will be placed on science and how this spirituality and science go hand in hand, and how to use them in tandem. Handouts will be provided.

Intro to Leather Working
Join Torcyr for a fun, hands-on leather-working class. Make something cool and learn a time-honored craft.

Godpole Ritual
Come Join in discussion, ritual and crafting of your personal Godpole. Please bring with you a chair, a carving tool (there will be a few availible). We will start out with a walk through Midian while discussing, what it means to have your pole find you. We will converse about the meaning of Godpoles and intent. after our walk through the woods to acquire your pole, we will adjurn at the main pavilion. A Breifing over the ritual and instructions on crafting your personal Godpole will be given. The Ritual will commence and when you leave the worskshop, you and your Godpole will set off on a journey.

Nemeton: Whispers from the Sacred Grove
Join Laurelei for a discussion of the importance of trees and the role of the grove in Celtic spirituality. We will explore tree symbolism and lore, as well as discussing the power of trees in divination, healing, and ritual. Handouts will be provided.

Bardic Singing
Throughout the centuries Songs have carried us through. Songs that praise, songs that honor, songs that rejoice or tell stories have written and retold history. Why is song important? Come Join in. It does not matter how you sound, it only matters your intent and having fun.


Children's Activites
more info coming soon

Over the last 90 years, the Norse pantheon, tradition, and culture has been under severe attack by bigots and the ignorant. It has seen its deities, writings, and general concepts drug through the mud and the muck, yet it is still one of the most vibrant and alive traditions out there, with more and more people finding it and connecting with it with every passing year. However, it is still being perverted and abused to this day. In this ritual, we will be making a stand against the degradation that has been done to it, and will do our part as the community of SIDHE to help heal it. This is a group ritual for healing the egregore, and is intended to not only have a healing effect on the egregore, but also to illustrate that the Norse were as powerful healers as they were warriors. No handouts will be provided.

Alchemical Journey Through the Landscape 
During this workshop we will explore multiple ways of working with energies and entities that dwell within the landscape. We will physically and shamanically journey across and through Midian, conversing with aspects of nature (including individual trees and power spots) as we go. We will have opportunities to do personal transformation work by engaging with the land energies and nature spirits through observations, ecstatic trance, and other shamanic techniques.

Join Steve Sears: TAC Ambassador and His Team
TAC is an idea. An idea that heathens of various belief systems can come together in a safe, free environment to share, spread, and gain knowledge from their fellows. Helping yourself create and keep that secure space, offline, online and in the world itself. An idea that events can be hosted around the world by various individuals and Kindreds to help support their local communities. We understand that ideas will vary greatly, and we support and hope that they do. There can be no free thought without varying ideas. This is how we learn, and experience the real world, how it was intended to be experienced.Come join us, speak with us. Come Learn With US! Hope to see you there!

ADF Druid Ritual
In our third year presenting an ADF ritual at SIDHE, we will continue the work of healing the earth, our communities, and ourselves, allowing bears and other wildlike and people to coexist with each other in harmony as their full and whole selves.

Rune Class
Come join Marcus in a discussion on the history,  origins,  and use of the runes.  This is an interactive discussion so expect to be involved! 

Three Drops of Wisdom
Come explore the wisdom of the Celtic Triads. Like Fionn MacCumhaill (Finn McCool) and Taliesin, put three drops of wisdom in your mouth and see what Mysteries reveal themselves for you.


Feast of the Gods
Our annual community meal is a pitch-in feast that honors the land, the Ancestors, and the Gods.Bring something to share. Monetary donations are also welcome to shore up any defecits in case folks forgot. Not sure what to bring?

If you have food allergies, be sure to bring something you know is safe for you. If you bring something that needs to be warm, please bring a hot plate, crock pot, or other warming tray. (We have electricity!) We also encourage bringing a washable plate, cup, bowl, and utensils to cut down on paper waste. We’ll have washing stations set up.

    Aries - Entree

    Taurus - Vegetable

    Gemini - Fruit

Cancer - Pasta

    Leo - Bread

    Virgo - Salad

    Libra - Beverage

    Scorpio - Dessert

    Sagittarius - Appetizer/finger food

    Capricorn - Soup/Dip

    Aquarius - Napkins/plastic utensils

    Pisces - Paper bowls/plates

Playing with Fire: The Necessity of Loki in Modern Norse Worship
Loki.  Some modern pagans treat him like Christians treat the devil yet the trickster was and is a living,  breathing part of Norse mythology, both ancient and modern.  Come and we'll talk about his history,  his flaws,  and yes,  his merits.

Elemental Drumming 
Celebrate and invoke the four elements with the rhythm of the drum! Join Adam Riviere as he leads a drum gathering that utilizes different rhythm patterns to represent each element that when played together achieve the 5th element.  The workshop is 2 hours long, and in the beginning Adam will teach how to play the basic sounds of your drum, and the latter half the ritual will commence. Any and all drums are welcome to the circle. All ages and all levels are welcome.

Homemade Mead Contest
Contestants bring their homemade brews to the Midian Bar (near the Stage) labeled with their name and the name of the mead. (Winners will be announced prior to Sumbel) 

Costume Contest
Best War Paint
Best Hair
Best Mythic Figure
Best Historical Celtic and Norse
Best Fantastical Celtic and Norse
Most Resourceful
Best Kilt
Best Beard
Best Costume from Midian-Found Materials

At Saturday night's fire, enjoy several rounds of boastful, mead-infused toasts. At a sumbel toasts are drunk to the Gods and the Mighty Dead. Rather than a toast, a person might also offer a boast or some story, song, or poem that has significance. At the end of the toast/story/etcr, the person offering it drinks from the horn, and in doing so “drinks in” what he spoke. The format for OUR sumbel is to drink three rounds. The first is dedicated to the Gods, the second to the Mighty Dead (ancestors, heroes, and departed friends), and the third to our own prosperity and blessing. (We will have two drinking horns -- one with mead and the other with a non-alcoholic drink for those under 21 or wishing to abstain for other reasons.)



Building Fairy Houses
Come children, we will take you away into a world of Faries! We will discuss the lore of both cletic and Nordic fairies, their place and homes! After this we will all sit together and decoracte and put together fairy houses for them to live and cultivate.

Rite of Leave-Taking
Before we part paths, join us as we share blessings with each other for the journey home (and beyond).










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