Author-Driven Publishing

Asteria Books began publishing in 2008 with a single author, who has also served as publisher, editor, graphic designer, copy editor, and publicist for our little house since that time.

We hold as a core philosophy that authors have the best vision of their finished book, and we help them achieve that vision and give them the support they need for the process.

If you're interested in becoming an Asteria author, please submit a query through our Contact page.

Our Authors

Laurelei Black

Laurelei Black is a hedge-rider, a Cunning Woman, a traveler on the crooked path. She is a priestess of love and pleasure, an Ishtar-woman, an Aphrodite-woman. She is a friend to daemons and a mate to the Red God. A bone collector; a temple dancer. Laurelei is the author of over dozen books on Aphrodisian and Witchcraft practice, a co-Director and frequent presenter at the Babalon Rising Festival, a co-owner of Midian Events and also of Driftwood Tiny Retreats, and the proud proprietress of Asteria Books & Events and also of Blade & Broom.

Fern Renee

Fern Renee has been writing poetry, prose, and short stories since her teen years. She is the mother of three humans and two canines, currently living in the woods of rural Indiana.

Meggie Tolkland


Delilah Temple

"Mother" Georgia Hopkins