List of Titles

Since 2010, Asteria Books has been publishing inspiring and insightful print books, e-books, digital courses, and grimoire pages for readers who long to know more about magic, witchcraft, and the Divine.

Aphrodite Studies

Aphrodite's Priestess

The priestesshood of Aphrodite is not dead or dormant. It is alive, vibrant, passionate, and growing again. People are stepping forward from places like the US, Belgium, Brazil and elsewhere - stepping forward from the shadows of ancient temple ruins - to construct new practices of worship, celebration and transcendence based on acts of love, beauty and pleasure. Aphrodite's Priestess (the 2nd edition - revised and expanded - of Laurelei's elegant and ground-breaking work, In Her Service: Reflections from a Priestess of Aphrodite) is the first book to offer readers insight into this re-emerging temple culture. 

Cult of Aphrodite

This liturgical compilation is the first of its kind -- offering a wealth of well-researched rituals and religious festivals in honor of a single Hellenic deity. Drawing on resources that span the ancient world, Black and the Cult of Aphrodite Asteria present immediately usable tools for worshiping the Goddess of Love and Beauty. 

Wisdom of Love

Unfolding from the pages of this little guidebook is a complete divination system unique to the Powers of Love, the Sea, the Heavens, and Initiation. The system (which utilizes 16 cowrie shells) speaks to the Ancient while being born from a contemporary need and request from the Divine. Let Laurelei Black, Priestess of Aphrodite, show you how to use your own set of yoni-shaped shells to access deep insight regarding everything from relationship to Soul journey. 

Crown of Violets

For millennia, the Goddess of Love has been the subject of poetry, painting, prose and sculpture. This devotional chapbook is a vault of offerings for Aphrodite. 

Hierodule Handbook

The course manual for the College of the Doves -- Laurelei Black's training course for Priestesses of Aphrodite. This book is available to all who are interested, regardless of enrollment.

Garden of Delights

A guidebook for those who feel called to the role of Hetaera, in service to Love. 


The Grimoire Project

A massive collection of *ORIGINAL* grimoire pages, with a few classic pieces not written as original works by Laurelei Black. When this project is complete, there will be over 1100 woodcut-style pages available to add to any Book of Arte. (There are over 700 now.)

The Complete Herbal Grimoire

This Complete Herbal Grimoire is the first book to compiled from the pages in the Asteria Books' GRIMOIRE PROJECT collection. Here, you will find instructions for making herbal medicines and ritual formulas, detailed indexes of trees and herbal allies, and extensive lore regarding working with plants in both magick and medicine. 

The Witches' Key to the Legion

The Lesser Key of Solomon the King, the Goetia, is one of the most widely read (and feared) books known to today's magickal practitioners. It has been translated, edited, and commented upon by some of the most illustrious Mages of the last two centuries. THIS book is the first to address Witches in regard to the Legion, and the REVISED and deeply EXPANDED edition offers practical insight, useful liturgy, updated Spirit descriptions, and a wealth of resources for the novice and adept Witch alike. Here, you will find a reasonable, direct approach to working with the 72 Spirits of the Legion. The Witches' Key to the Legion includes several essays on working with these Spirits, discussions of the creation of the Legion and their seals, a complete Demonic DO NOT CALL list, two quick reference tables to help you easily find a Spirit with whom you have affinity, as well as alternate sigils and illustrations for most of the Spirits. With a foreword by Bill Duvendack and several illustrations by J. Blackthorn, this revised and expanded work is not to be missed. 

Liber Qayin

ayin-Azazel speaks! Hearken unto the words of Lilith and Ishtar.

This prophetic work is channeled from the Witch Father, Tubal-Qayin, and the Witch Mother, who is both Lilith and Ishtar. Hear now the Gospel of Qayin, the wisdom he brings to all Witches in this New Aeon. 

Red Thread Academy

Never before have the coven teachings of American Folkloric Witchcraft been so accessible! For nearly a decade now, Craft seekers and practitioners have sought a meaningful entry into the Spiral Castle.

The Red Thread Academy is a self-paced teaching and learning system that aims to transmit the same teachings, principles, and even the keys to the Mysteries to which you would be exposed if you were studying within a local coven in the Spiral Castle Tradition (ie AFW). The biggest differences are that instead of learning within a primarily oral framework at weekly coven classes and monthly rituals, you will work at a self-guided pace through a course guide (PDF or print version), engaging in solo rituals, and connecting with peers across the country (and globe) online for mutual support. This is somewhat new territory, but it is my goal to keep the connection genuine and the learning authentic as we walk this Path together — even from a distance.

The three courses take the student from Dedicant to Initiate — through the Foundations, Practicum, and Mastery that are the hallmarks of each course title. At the end of the 3rd course, the student is fully trained in the Tradition and ready to start their own Coven, if they wish.

The Witches' Key to Goetic Familiars


A compendium of rituals, essays, poems, recipes, and art related to the Spirits of the Legion.

The Witches' Key to the Unseen

Laurelei Black provides a thorough guidebook for any Witch seeking to work with Spirits of every type.


To Call Ye Forth

Summoning a long-dead Witch King to be a real-world lover and protector was easy for Rose and her covenmates. Overcoming a murderous dark coven while dodging a fanatical minister and his rabid congregation may present more of a challenge. Delilah Temple's debut novel takes readers on a sizzling plunge into the sexy and sorcerous lives of a coven of traditional witches who hide in plain site on the outskirts of Indianapolis. Provocative and delicious, it'll leave you yearning for Book 2. 

Darksome Night & Shining Moon

Rose, Robin, and the Coven face a new enemy who is on the hunt.

Chosen of the Elements

Soel weaves an epic tale of high fantasy and pure magic.

Temple of Love

"This was part of Sappho’s art, to give herself so completely in lust and sweat and satisfaction, to allow herself to be contented and dependent on her lover. … She hadn’t yet learned that this art was a double-edged blade – one that would cut her again and again. It would lend heat to her passion and poetry, and it would eventually break her."Sappho, the lyric poet whose life and lovers give us our current understanding of the word “Lesbian,” was hailed as the Tenth Muse on her island home of Lesvos and all throughout Classical Greece. Her poems of passion and longing were directed at the men … and women … whom she adored and sometimes envied.Like most girls of Lesvos, Sappho lived a life among women. After her earliest education, though, she rejects the traditional married life and gives herself in service to the temple of Aphrodite to become a priestess of love, beauty, and sexual ecstasy. Cloistered among the sacred courtesans, she opens her heart and body to love. But when Pittakos the tyrant and Alcaeus the poet vie with each other to be first in her heart, will she lose herself and all that she holds dear?Laurelei Black, who is herself a priestess of Aphrodite, offers a unique and often erotic look into the passionate, tumultuous, and inspirational life of Sappho through the lens of service to the Goddess of Love. 

Temple of Beauty

Klytemnestra, sister of Helen, tells their entwined stories of love, beauty, anguish, and fate.

Asteria Mystery School

AMS: Eclectic Witchcraft

Video-based lessons on a variety of Eclectic Witchcraft topics, such as History of Witchcraft, Wheel of the Year, Esbats, Traditions, and more.  About 25 individual lessons are planned.

AMS: Druidry

Video-based lessons on a variety of Druidic (Celtic mysticism and magick) topics, such as Three Realms, Avalon, Sacred Grove, and more.  About 15 individual lessons are planned.

AMS: Energy & Magick

Video-based lessons on a variety of  topics related to Energy and Magick, such as Crystals, Color Magick, Healing, Psychism, and more.  About 25 individual lessons are planned.

AMS: Divination

Video-based lessons on a variety of Divination related topics, such as Tarot, Scrying, Runes, Ogham, and more.  About 10 individual lessons are planned.

AMS: Goddess Spirituality

Video-based lessons on a variety of Goddess Spirituality topics, such as Archetypes, Goddess Types, and Rites of Passage, and more.  About 20 individual lessons are planned.

AMS: Tools

Video-based lessons on a variety of Magickal Tools and related topics, such as Altar Tools, Personal Tools, Weapons, Vessels, and more.  About 20 individual lessons are planned.

AMS: Shamanism

Video-based lessons on a variety of Shamanistic topics, such as Journey Work, Spirit Guides, Sacred Animals, and more.  About 15 individual lessons are planned.

AMS: Ceremony & Ritual

Video-based lessons on a variety of Ceremony and Ritual topics, such as Magickal Orders, Tree of Life, Banishing, Goetia, and more.  About 25 individual lessons are planned.


Poetry: In the Search of 42

One woman's transformative and soul-searching poetic debut explores the meaning of life, the universe, and everything in this collection of verses. Join Fern Renee as she plumbs the depths and reaches ecstatic highs, peering fearlessly into dark corners of human experience, and reveling in the sunny spots. Myth and mundania are beautifully interwoven by this word-smith in her first, heart-felt offering to the public. 

Women's Spirituality

Women's Goddess Retreat Anthology


This anthology of essays from the participants of the Women's Goddess Retreat relays some of the Sisterhood, healing, and magic that this Circle of Women has experienced since its inception in 2009.

Children & Families

Mother Hopkins' Activity Books

Robust activity books for children of all ages. You'll find coloring pages, mazes, puzzles, stories, reader response activities, and more in every book.

Mother Hopkins' Handbook of Pagan Home Education

Seeking to fill a gap in available resources for Pagan homeschoolers, "Mother" Georgia Hopkins offers practical guidance for incorporating religious nuances into every subject area. Mother Hopkins was herself a homeschooling parent, and she was also a public school teacher for a number of years.

Mother Hopkins' Elementary Curriculum Guide

This massive curriculum guide spans two volumes and offers Pagan homeschoolers detailed lesson plans which can be woven into an existing elementary curriculum plan. Lessons in every subject area!

Mother Hopkins' Secondary Curriculum Guide

This massive curriculum guide spans two volumes and offers Pagan homeschoolers detailed lesson plans which can be woven into an existing elementary curriculum plan. Lessons in every subject area!

Women's Goddess Reteat Coloring Book


Coloring has been a favorite mindfulness strategy of many attendees of the Women's Goddess Retreat. We are excited to share a coloring book with art from our Circle.

Women's Goddess Retreat Journal

A (mostly) blank book provided to each attendee of the Women's Goddess Retreat -- and available here as a separate purchase.

Babalon Rising 2023 Journal

Packed with reminders, schedule and presenter info, and journal prompts, this low-content book is part journal, part magician's notebook. 

Witch's Goetic Journal

A companion journal for Witches who are working with the Spirits of the Legion. Includes some prompts along with lined  pages for journaling and unlined pages for sketching.

Witch's Unseen Journal

A companion journal for Witches who are working with any Spirits. Includes some prompts along with lined  pages for journaling and unlined pages for sketching.

Grimoire Project Planner

Printable planner pages that coordinate with the Grimoire Project pages -- utilizing the same border and fonts.